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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 22, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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regret later. i lift three weights between 25 and 35 pounds. they're 4, 3 and my little thatcher who turns one-year-old tomorrow. what do you do? we'll see you tomorrow night with marco rubio. welcome to hannity, this is a fox news alert. violence is escalating between israel and hamas. the death toll is rising by the hour with no end in sight. a rocket fire wounded one israeli today and prompting the faa to prohibit all u.s. airlines from flying to or from tel aviv for 24 hours. the u.s. is now sending $47 million in humanitarian aid to gaza to help the palestinians? john huddi is standing by on the border, with the latest tonight.
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>> reporter: i spent 15 days in gaza today i crossed the border, i'm back here. tonight hearing artillery fire and we've seen rockets being launched from gaza at israel. this as operation protective edge is going into a 16th day, and the fifth day during the sixth day of the ground offensive. the primary goal tom root out hamas' extensive network of underground tunnels. the defense forces have found 26 tunnels. more will be destroyed some of those here on the israeli side, close to civilian populations. the battle has been brutal and bloody. a lot of the action in east gaza, where we've seen a very high -- increasingly high civilian death toll.
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the number is right at 600 palestinians have been killed. more than 3500 injured. here on the israeli side, 29 israelis have been killed. we've also seen the air offensive in gaza, plenty of air strikes when i was there. today, another major air strike just across the street. this is why, the civilian death toll diplomatic efforts are underway to come to some kind of cease-fire. that remains elusive as the battle, the fighting continues. sean? >> thank you. >> also developing tonight, isis, which is now in control of several major cities in iraq, is giving christians in mozul until saturday to pay a tax or leave the city. if they don't they could be executed. according to a local official, they have renounced their faith
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for islam. fox's own katherine herrin is standing by with all the details tonight. >> reporter: facing the dead line to convert to islam, christians in northern iraq are fleeing in staggering numbers, according to the u.n., hundreds of families are affected. the ultimatum from al baghdadi was posted on the group's twitter page over the weekend. it gave christians about 72 hours to decide. the christians on the syrian border have lived in these villages for hundreds, in some cases, 2,000 years, dating back to the first century after christ. the empty homes of christian family families now reads, long live the islamic state. >> our future is uncertain, our house is gone, they took it and put it under their name. >> the state department
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condemned the action. >> these are abombinable acts. they have no place in the fut you are of iraq. we could not be more clear. >> a key state department position has been vacant since october despite a pledge from the president to fill it. recent data from the pew research center reveals christians in the middle east and northern africa face more criticism than any other area. >> thank you. president obama is spending his time on what he thinks is more important, more fund-raising, more vacation planning and more golf. joining me now is ainsley earhart.
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>> hi, sean. >> especially when they begin the ground invasion. he goes to a fund-raiser. >> today he's continuing to fund-raise. critics are upset with this, they feel he's putting the focus on winning the election in november instead of what's going on on this day in the world. today he's going to be in seattle. two events in seattle. the first one is at a reception at bruce and ann bloom's house. this is the family that paid $50,000 for barack obama's first inauguration party. then the presidential motorcade rolls across highway 520 bridge during rush hour traffic in seattle. to a dinner benefiting the super
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pac, a group that accepts unlimited donations, as you know to the home of the ceo of costco. tomorrow, heads to san francisco for a roundtable fund-raiser there. and then a luncheon where he's the headliner at the home of the real estate mogul george marcus. then he goes to l.a. for events in the evening. a reception and dinner at a hancock park home of shond shonda rimes. and then a roundtable discussion, 30 people are invited to this event, the ceo of live nation. >> how much are those tickets? >> up to $32,400 for 1 ticket. dinner tonight $25,000 per
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person. lunch tomorrow in san francisco, upwards of $32,000. that will buy you a vip photo and a lunch. then in l.a., the dinner ranges from 1,000 to 32,400. then that roundtable discussion -- >> there's no time to send john kerry to lecture israel. the world is burning, gaza is on fire. and our border is in all the trouble it has. the economy is still a mess. we had a contracting quarter, and this is his schedule? this is it? >> he's more focused on -- >> in the leadup to a 16-day vacation. accommodations from august 9th to august 24th, it's 8,000 square foot house, 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, infinity pool, hot tub, tennis and basketball court. while he's there he will be golfing and bike riding. >> is he going to be wearing
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that dopey hat he wears. >> we're going to be taking pictures and showing them on your show. >> there's the hat. >> the average family in america goes on vacation for 3.8 days. >> what about the 50 million americans in poverty. he's played golf how many times? >> you need a break from all that fund-raising. he could be buying a house in california after his -- 2016, he'll move there. the location is rancho mirage. the cost listed at $4.25 million. it has a pool with a 20 foot waterfall, the community is gated, it's also the same neighborhood where frank
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sinatra, bob hope and bing crosby had estates as well. >> do you have pictures of the house? >> it's in escrow. >> is that the whole house there? >> that's the whole piece of property. >> wow! >> a long drive way. >> that's the whole house? >> it's the whole house. 4.25 million dollars. >> it looks like four houses. >> word on the street is, he doesn't want to move back to chicago. they're looking at new york city. according to the l.a. times it's in escrow. >> unbelievable. we're going to keep an eye on the president's fund-raising, r & r, golf, martha's vineyard, while hamas continues to fire rockets into israel. some members of the mainstream media seem to be siding with the terrorists. >> the house that was struck, that's all an unavoidable
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consequence of trying to target terrorists. >> just on the outskirts of gaza city, we're seeing children and bodies in the street, women and children, israeli forces early this morning tried to push into the city with tanks and armored vehicles. >> we are ridiculous, we are disgustingly biassed when it comes to this issue. look at the air time netanyahu and his folks have on the air on a daily basis. i never see one palestinian being interviewed on these same issues. 99% of the time is given to the palestinian voice. >> how could you have it backwards? could this sympathy for hamas be more dangerous than the rockets being fired into israel?
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i say this, what would any of these people think if 1600 rockets were fired into their neighborhood by a foreign entity, would they want their country to say, it's okay? >> well, with some of them they may want to surrender, the media is so far left at this point. the global media, let's be honest about this. the socially acceptable form of old fashioned jew hatred is to be anti-israel. israel is a small, a tiny island of civilization in a vast sea of barbarism known as the middle east. even the president isn't above the law, it's got a great court
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system. it's us, western civilization. >> what did you think of john kerry's statement? he seemed to be annoyed that they're defending -- >> john kerry has again flown to the middle east to rescue hamas. it's incredible to me. >> it's incredible to me too. how can people not see it, the fundamental reality is that israel wants to live in peace with its neighbors and prosper. it's neighbors want israel destroyed and jews dead. what is hard to understand? do you really think they would be engaging in pin point strikes and warnings -- warning jus to leave their homes? they would have leveled tel aviv. israel has the military power to wipe gaza from the map, they would never do that. they've suffered the holocaust
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they know what it's like, they want to live in peace. hamas could have stopped this at any point by stopping the rockets. hamas knows it wins by trotting out dead children and using women and children as human shields. they are the villains of this peace. >> during the bombing of britain, britain responded by carpet bombing german cities. would that be what's going on here? >> it is. israel shows tremendous strength and gets no commendation for it. if they love it so much -- why are their headquarters in tel aviv or beirut. why don't any of them move to the middle east? the middle east, the islamist
7:14 pm
movements would kill most of the academics who are defending them. they certainly wouldn't take very good care of the women who were defending them. and israel would. for god sakes, israel is us. >> well said. coming up, mark levin from his bunker here to talk about his epic takedown of comedy central's jon stewart, and how the white house should be responds to the israeli ground invasion. ♪
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tonight's focus in the election headquarters in georgia. we can't make a call yet between jack kingston and david purdue.
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purdue has increased his lead with 88% of the precincts reporting, there are a lot of precincts coming in. the winner will face michelle nunn, the daughter of sam nunn in the general election. let's go back down to john roberts in atlanta. this has been tight all night, it seems to be opening up for purdue right now? >> it is a little bit. the two of them were separated by only 130 votes, purdue, with five and a half thousand. it's coming down to fulton and gwinnett county. it's a problem, because karen handle won those primaries in the primary. she threw her support behind kingston, not all of her voters followed her. 700, 800 votes here and there in a race this close, it all adds up, and right now, things are
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looking very good for david purdue. >> john, thank you. we'll have all the results right here on fox news chance el. now we'll send it back to new york and hannity. my next guest, a great one, mark levin went on a rant last week over jon stewart's discussion on the middle east. >> we'll tonight in israel what, israel isn't supposed to defend itself? >> 4,000 -- >> the middle east, you -- >> self-hating jew?
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>> that was weird. >> here with reaction, the man himself, mark levin, nationally syndicated radio host, you know, i understand he's a comedian, but you really went off on him hard. very few people are willing to do that, why? >> that looked like msnbc there for a minute. i'll tell you why. because he's held up as this really smart guy a brilliant comedian. he's not a smart guy, he's got ten writers, he's a clown. >> he's got 30. >> i watched this segment on the internet, and the disinformation and propaganda he was putting out in the form of jokes was outrageous, i would just tell mr. stewart, it doesn't take a lot of courage to criticize israel and trash israel, it's done all the time. it's done by israel's neighbors,
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it's done in europe right now. where jewish stores and and so forth are being burned down. police have had to come out and protect pro israeli rallies. the fact of the matter is if hamas had the weaponry that israel had, nuclear weapons and other weapons, israel would cease to exist. if israel wanted to take out whole communities in gaza, they could do so in about 30 minutes. this is the only country i know of that has thousands of missiles reigned in on it, missiles coming from hezbollah and hamas. a country that agreed to a cease-fire, and still has to tolerate these attacks and even today, sean a missile came very close to the airport they shut
7:21 pm
down the airport to international traffic now israel is isolated in that way. can you imagine, the gaza strip is relatively distant. the west bank is very close. what this demonstrates is israel must never demilitarize or give up the west bank, it will lose all control over its security. i thought jon stewart -- i don't think he's funny, i don't think he's smart. how can he be with writers. i thought this segment was putrid. >> there is a serious side to all of this. the world is missing some moral clarity here. you're right, we're seeing signs of anti-semetism. and yet john kerry and others are expecting israel -- when you have 1600 rockets fired into their cities, what do they
7:22 pm
expect them to do. what if one rocket were fired into the u.s.? i know what i would expect our president to do, take out whoever is responsible. i don't understand why this is not a morally clear issue for everybody? >> it is morally clear. those who pretend there's not are fools, they're to be shamed. the fact of the matter is, israel's not at war with egypt, egypt isn't shooting missiles into israel. it's not at war with jordan or saudi arabia. israel waited and waited and waited missile after missile after missile and even after this cease-fire, it agreed to it, and then it warned hamas, you continue this, you can see we're building up our ground troops. this is the only country i know that isn't allowed to win. if they don't wipe out hamas and
7:23 pm
the hamas missiles they'll never win. hamas is an offshoot of the muslim brotherhood. they were part of the p.l.o., their history goes back to the third reich, the final solution, read up, ivy league boy, try to figure out what's going on before you cut your stupid jokes. >> hamas also has a charter. let me pivot here and ask you about the president. he's out fund-raising, out playing golf, he has a big vacation planned. 180 rounds of golf. meanwhile, you know, john kerry is pressuring israel not to defend itself. the president gives lip service to it, and as it relates to russia and the ukraine, the president is unwilling to take a strong stand knowing those missiles came from russia. >> everybody knows particularly our enemies and allies abroad,
7:24 pm
what a weak president this is, this president can't seem to concentrate on his responsibilities. he thinks giving a speech is actually doing something. he thinks a few here and there punishment of some business will do something. he's hollowing out the united states military, our southern border is wide open. this man is a disgrace, he's shameless, he'll be going off to mart martha's vineyard where they're not sending illegal aliens. of course putin is going to take advantage of obama. putin is a fascist, he's an old kgb thug. he is interested in expanding russia's power and he's doing it. he's not alone, our enemies in the middle east, you see red china taking over more and more of the southsea where the philippines, japan and vietnam
7:25 pm
are asking us for help. when our allies see weakness, they fear what's going on in the world. these are perilous times with an unfocused president. >> mark levin, the great one, syndicated nationally, thanks. coming up next tonight, right here on hannity. >> why would you want to join the naacp, when you don't stand for any of the principles of what the naacp stands for. >> that was our friend danin bore ellie being attacked because she's a conservative. that's coverage you'll only see tonight on han itpy.
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welcome back to harn nnity. tonight's investigation is in full swing. to no one's surprise, black conservatives are not exactly welcome. take a look. >> why would you want to join the naacp, when you don't stand for any of the principles of what the naacp stands for. >> he's trying to speak here. and she doesn't -- allow her to share a different view. are our people supposed to think the same way. >> the people that are attending the naacp are coming for the values of what the naacp -- >> and we're questioning now -- >> if they want to be -- >> and we're questioning what they are. >> and whatever values the conservative members have, whatever party they have, they can go to them.
7:29 pm
>> despite that warm welcome, daneen spoke to some of the black conservatives that were willing to come to the conference. >> i think all people should be represented regardless of their political stance. >> they've become so political with their ideology, and they're so ingrained in that part of the system, they can no longer see what the real objectives are. >> we have people that have different points of view, and we need to express that, that's being shut out. >> we're excited to see black people advance. maybe our take is different. we all share that commonality, and that should be presented. >> the real discrimination within the naacp is denee deneen borelli. national association for the advancement of colored people. were you welcome at this
7:30 pm
convention? >> no, not at all. if you're a black liberal you're welcome on the stage. if you're a black conservative, you go down to the exhibit hall. the woman yelling at us, screaming at us, this is the mind-set from the brainwashing, from the naacp that has been doing this for many, many years, it is causing harm to black conservatives and tea party februarys. al sharpton, jesse jackson, president obama, eric holder, they all have the same message, the same drum beat of victimization and race carding. it's causing a lot of harm in the black community. >> we've done entire shows on the institutionalized discrimination against black conservatives. things aren't getting better. it's a sad story, but a common story. what is it that they are fearful of? the people of this
7:31 pm
organization -- do they feelny threaten what the movement is about? >> i would think you stand for individual rights and nondiscrimination. i know you well, i know you stand for those things. equal opportunity. >> yes. >> you're absolutely right, that's the message they don't want kmuj indicated to the black community. we had an economic forum, we talked about education employment and energy. vital issues that are harming the black community where unemployment is through the roof and energy prices are chipping away at people's disposible incomes. they don't have solutions to the problems that are happening in the black community. that is why black conservatives are a threat to the naacp. it's about money, power and influence. we are a significant threat to them. >> if you are playing black jack, the dealer has to hit on 16 and hold on 17. remember the rules. great reporting, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. is president obama finally getting his priorities in order?
7:32 pm
or is the white house starting to feel the heat from the american people? why dana and deroy think the president cancelled his sit done with rick perry this week.
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7:38 pm
you may remember these. >> we decided there wasn't going to be any fancy camps during the summer or anything, they ba basically just goofed off all summer which i couldn't do many. >> others have. >> what's this thing with trump and you? it's like me and letterman, what does he have against you? >> this all dates back to when we were growing up together in kenya -- >> yeah. >> what is it? >> jimmy, potus stands for president of the united states. >> he's the potus with the mostest. >> here with reaction, fox news contributor deroy murdoch. he's going to west coast fund-raising, pressuring israel. it's like he's checked out to me. >> in your opening he said that he does not have priorities in order.
7:39 pm
his priorities in order. i think he does have his priorities in order. they're just not syncing up with the rest of america's priorities. >> well said, i think he's made a calculation that for these fund-raisers in particular, he's not going to let the democrats blame him for any of the losses that come in november. they will come, that is inevitable for any president in a second term, the sixth year, they will lose in the midterm elections, it's unusual for them not to. bill clinton is not able to do it. they're not going to blame him for not raising enough money. >> they might. >> they're not going to be able to say he didn't work hard enough. >> i live my life with a sense of urgency, i was washing dishes and the dishes piled up, i moved faster. i'm getting prepared for my shows every day, i work hard. i don't get this. this doesn't connect with me. >> i don't she a sense of urgency or engagement at all.
7:40 pm
>> obama should resign his president and become chairman of the national committee. he can give speeches nonstop, campaign all the time, he does that, he enjoys that, he doesn't seem to have a good time running the federal government. he should quit as president. he can run the democratic national committee and be an uber campaigner. that's my modest statement. >> nobody tells him the truth, nobody stands up to him, and he has no capacity to pull a sister soldier moment. >> i think on the staff level, let's use the kimmel example. they're just one beat behind in the band, because the press secretary gets the schedule, they release the schedule and an hour later, they cancelled one of the things on the schedule that kimmel -- >> they didn't figure it out. >> something to me tells me, it's not necessarily connecting to them. they look at the schedule, they think, we're going to go to california and that looks good,
7:41 pm
they don't think about, oh, my gosh, what could go wrong. the reason -- i was paranoid. i had a good reason to be paranoid, i would question everything before we put it out. >> they're incredibly tin eared. this would be one thing if we were peaceful and prosperous, america's pretty commonplace in the 50s. you have planes not being able to fly in and out of israel as of today. the border is a complete mess. and the thought that it would even come up anywhere, gee, let's go on jimmy kimmel is staggering. >> i hope kimmel handles it in a way, i understand. they'll make fun of us for making fun of him. >> no one in a meeting -- with everything going on. >> guys, good to see you. the man in this video died just a few moments after cops
7:42 pm
arrested him, one of the cops who assisted in that video is getting death threats. a representative from the nypd association will join us. ♪
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good evening. a barn burner in georgia. no call in the runoff for the u.s. senate. this is for the seat being vacated by saxby chambliss. kingston is trailing purdue. it's been neck and neck all night. purdue is expanding his lead now. the winner will face michelle nunn, the daughter of sam nunn in the election. let's go down to john roberts in atlanta. is casey running out of votes here, john? >> he really is. we're expecting them to take the stage with liz family in about five minutes. not sure what he's going to say. a little too early to call it, it looks like he's moving in david purdue's direction. running out of votes. southern counties, his strong hold, most of those now fully reported. it's down to the four big counties, and david purdue is leading in all of those
7:48 pm
counties. big problems for kingston. he underperformed in some of the counties that he won big on the 20th, he needed to win fulton and gwinnett. karen won those on the 20th, they are not voting for him the way he needed. >> we'll watch this race and we will have results here on fox news channel. this is a big race for the fall general election. it could mean the balance of power here in washington. now back to hannity. >> welcome back to hannity two. two new york city police officers have been assigned to desk duty after this incident caught on tape. take a look. >> i'm minding my business, officer.
7:49 pm
leave me alone. don't touch me, please. don't touch me. >> put your lands behind your he head. >> the cries of distress, an internal nypd police report made no mention of eric garner repeatedly complaining he couldn't breathe. daniel is the police officer seen putting eric into a choke hold, had been reportedly receiving death threats. here to break down all of this, fox news legal analyst. the union that represents all
7:50 pm
new york city police officers including the two officers involved in this case that have been reassigned. i want to start with one point very few people make. this is a new york city taxes on cigarettes. at $6 a pack. really dumb to begin with. secondary you've got the police then, of course to now divert attention away from drug dealing and rapists to go after cigarette peddlers is insane to me. then, the police have to do their job. this guy resifts arrest he's a big guy. they take him down i don't think intent was to kill them but the only question is the choke hold. >> first off it's a tragedy for everyone. >> i agree. that man and family and friends and police officers none of us wake up wanting to go to work ask have to deal with the death of someone in our custody but there is a second thing. many say why would he have a cigarette?
7:51 pm
if policy is not to do that, they need to say that. what we have here is a situation where the community people, the merchants are calling and complaining. we're being sent there. then, we're faced with a person that says i'm not going. i'm not going to be placed under arrest. >> he did resist arrest. >> and our job is to place him under arrest. they talked to him and they said look. you're going to be placed under arrest. been here before. comply. the choice is made not to comply. everyone going to tell us what we can't do and shouldn't do. but put yourself in a police officer's shoes they're there. they're not complying and new be placed under arrest. should we walk away? do nudge something >> the only question i have from a legal standpoint was it a choke hold? >> i don't know. people have given their opinions when it was or wasn't. autopsy will make a
7:52 pm
determination about there are fractures of internal organs there or evidence of any kind of issues in terms of permanentsy. was there a heart condition? a pulmonary condition? this will be a comprehensive investigated death in america in 2014. there is a great da in staten island, one of the best in new york state. this will be afforded great seriousness the seriousness that a tragedy like this deserves. there will be a fair shake for everybody involved in this case. >> brian, running through a few facts. do you agree with the taxing cigarettes to create a black market is stupid. right? >> i think following -- >> do you agree police have to do their job? >> sure. you don't need a choke hold to do it. >> you agree he resisted arrest?
7:53 pm
i >> do. the question is what should police do? >> first addressing the issue he said i hadn't done anything. i think i'm just trying to figure out if you're a cop, you don't see, i wasn't sure if the cop saw. >> you don't know details. >> he said i didn't do it. but the issue is there has fwt to be a better way to sort of handle this. >> a lot of criminals say they didn't do it. >> fair enough. >> but stick to the issue here. if a police officer tells me put my hands behind my back, they're going behind my back. >> you can grab his hands but choke hold, unclear how you get to there on this issue. >> they spoke to him. they did take out their handcuffs reached for hands to try handcuffs. he said i'm not going.
7:54 pm
we have no alternative. >> he's 64, 350 pounds >> there is debate on the choke hold trying to bring him down on the ground is what we're training to do. if he's down on the ground -- >> they're trying to get cuffs on him. >> why does he need to be in a choke hold if he's on ground? >> we're looking at this video at this point. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington there has been a call now. associated press calling a winner in republican runoff for u.s. senate. david perdue won over jack kingston. perdue won a seven way primary in may. you can see he spent $3 million on the race
7:55 pm
he now faces democrat michelle nunn, daughter of former senator sam nunn, in the general tion. david perdue the winner of the g.o.p. race for u.s. senate being vacated. this has been an election update. we'll send you back to "hannity".
7:56 pm
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that is all the time we have left this evening before we go, we hope you'll set your dvr and record "hannity"
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the series and start your day with "fox and friends". we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i'm not going to tell the president what to do. but, i think the world would very much respect his increased attention on this matter. >> the matter? america's declining status in the world. democratic senator feinstein is worried about that and you should be, too. we'll tell you why. >> who are way ramos of sister network fusion demonstrated the danger of this last leg of the treacherous border. swimming the rio grande. >> the border controversy continues to rage. national guard on the way in texas. the kids just keep on coming. we have an update tonight.